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We founded Dega Systems in 2001 to provide stress free managed IT services for nonprofits and forprofit companies alike. As business owners ourselves, we know how important technology is to the viability and longevity of all organizations. (We’re not just saying that because we work in tech…) AND, we’re passionate about helping those whose job and mission is to change the world for the better. We’re not only invested in helping you succeed but in your vision of a better society 

After all, change is hard enough. When you add disorganized, vulnerable IT systems and processes to the mixthe overwhelm is real. Our goal is to help you reduce your IT stress and distractions so all your energy and resources can go towards doing your best work.  

Lastly, we’re proud to be Minority/Women-owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) certified and to serve the New York/New Jersey region and beyond.   

Meet our leadership team


Amazing Super Glue: I help the team work together even under extreme loads  

Hector Ortiz

CTO, Founder

Hector is one of our Co-Founders and Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Though he began his career in Spanish translation and interpretation and crisis hotline counseling, his ability to help people handle a crisis made him a great fit for the technology arena. Now, with close to 25 years of experience in managing technology at high-growth companies and organizations, he serves as our operations visionary and leader. He lives for using IT to serve his mission driven clients and their goals. He’s a huge fan of building strong teams and culture and is proud of our team’s unique talents and hard work. He’s known for his empathy, forward thinking and team building. In addition, he’s passionate about workplace diversity and inclusion and social justice. Outside of work, you’ll find him working out, finishing carpentry projects and spending time with his wife, two kids and two dogs.  


IT Crisis “Counselor“: I help keep clients calm even during the most stressful of situations.

Morrison Haas

vCIO, Senior Project Manager

Morrison is one of our vCIOs and our Senior Project Manager. With 12+ years of experience in IT, he manages and oversees the centralized and professional services departments. He lives for cutting edge technologies and finding ways to incorporate them it into any many client’s environments as possible. He’s known for his understanding, empathy, calmness, and thoughtfulness. He’s passionate about social justice and is a foodie at heart. He spends his free time cooking, gaming and enjoying the rich tradition of comics and graphic novels.   


Visionary: I see and understand the big picture quickly.

Jose Paulino

vCIO, Senior Tech Alignment Manager

Jose is our Senior Tech Alignment Manager. With a deep love for learning and keen understanding of tech, he lives and advocates for strong alignment with compliance and security posture for our clients. He excels at grasping the overall picture and then drilling down to locate issues and their causes. He’s known for being lively, reliable, fierce and focused. It’s obvious that he was always destined for technology since he spent an entire weekend glued to the first computer his dad brought home.  He enjoys the pro-learning, always challenging and incredible team work at Dega. On a larger scale, he’s passionate about civil rights, gender equality and animal welfare. In his spare time, you’ll find Jose taking his dog on long walks, watching movies and training in Muay Thai kickboxing 


Clairvoyance: predicting future issues and having the solutions ready.

Ashley Chavez

Operations Manager

Ashley is our Operations Manager and Jersey Girl. A Monmouth University Graduate, with a background in healthcare management and Event Management, project coordination and culture development, Helping clients feel seen, heard, understood and cared for, is something she is very passionate about especially when they’re struggling with tech or communication issues. She’s known for her honesty, promptness and approach. She’s passionate about economic equity regarding healthcare, living wages and student debt. As well as inspiring whom she encounters to live life to the fullest. Outside of work, she enjoys cooking, the beach, hiking, and creating memories with her friends and loved ones.

Meet our team

Remote Operations Center (ROC) 

Joshua DeSouza

Escalations Engineer


Disarmer: I help calm clients down during stressful times.

Hao Lin Mei 

ROC Engineer  


Empathy: I keenly understand what clients need and help them get it.

Jose Ruiz

ROC Engineer


Uplift: Can make others feel special, beautiful, powerful, and smile with ease.

TAM (Technical Alignment)

Julian Fernandez

Tech Alignment Manager


Inquisitor: I love to ask questions and get to the bottom of issues. 

Nicholas Moy 

Tech Alignment Manager 


Extreme Persistence: I’m all-over closing tickets and aligning, closing tickets and aligning. 


Andre Vela

Project Engineer


Empathy: I love speaking with clients to make sure we understand the full scope of the issue and resolving it thoroughly 

Centralized Services

Raymond Cancel

Centralized Services Engineer


Tech Detective: Understanding how systems work and automating mundane tasks in order to lighten the team’s workload.

Professional Services

Chantay Benitez

Service Coordinator


Shapeshifter: I can take on any task and shift immediately to the shape of the necessary responsibilities required to ensure clarity and happiness for clients and our team.

Business Development

Jeffery Jardon

Inside Sales Representative


Vision: I see the big picture when amazing partnerships are created.

Freshel Digal 

Virtual Assistant


Adaptability: , I am a chameleon and can adjust to the environment, always ready to listen and assist

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