You’re the feelers, the doers, the changemakers…

You’re known for improving the world for the better NOT your technology prowess

You might be struggling with tech if:

  • You’re using antiquated IT systems and computers.
  • You have multiple IT systems and processes that don’t play well together.
  • You’re saving your data to your local or physical hard drive instead of the cloud.
  • You’re printing out documents to collaborate with your co-workers instead of using cloud based software.
  • You’re not a digital native and struggle to use and understand new technologies.
  • You don’t have a disaster recovery plan and aren’t prepared for future unknowns.
  • You don’t have a cybersecurity policy or updated protocols in place to protect your people, your data (donor privacy, bank accounts, etc) or your devices.
  • You’re not confident that you’re getting good value for the dollars you’re already spending on your tech.

You need your tech to help you move the mountains of change.

This is where the right IT services partner comes in handy.

Get the IT results you need with our proven process:



What IT problems do you need solved? What are your biggest pain points and greatest IT vulnerabilities?


What’s working for you? What’s not? Why? 


What do you need in your roadmap to success? 


How can we implement the plan as quickly and as efficiently as possible? 


How can we continue to increase your productivity and improve your security?

One of the things I love about Dega is that they’re knowledgeable. They’ve done everything from integrating existing systems to helping us format new equipment to getting us out of contracts that didn’t make any sense and cost the organization money. They’re always coming up with viable solutions that are within our budget. I’ve been doing this work at the C-suite level for 20 years. I have never received this level of professional IT support at any other organization that I’ve worked for.”  

Dr. Danielle R. Moss, CEO, Oliver Scholars 

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