Tech Startups

You’re the visionaries, the inventors and disruptors, the transformers…

You’re known for transforming the world for the better NOT for your consistent technology processes (just yet).

You might be struggling with tech if:

  • Your onboarding/offboarding employee process needs to be better streamlined
  • Your engineering and sales team are on opposite sides of a communication gap
  • You’re using both Macs and PCs with Linux (…Windows, right?)
  • You’re struggling to manage your corporate IT services on top of your tech offerings
  • You lack a strong lead to monitor and swifting address tech issues
  • You’re grown to 50+ employees and can’t keep up with the day-to-day IT needs
  • You’re stuck in a break – fix model of addressing issues whereas you need a preventative approach

You need your tech to turn your vision into concrete reality.

This is where the right IT services partner comes in handy.

Get the IT results you need with our proven process:



What IT problems do you need solved? What are your biggest pain points and greatest IT vulnerabilities?


What’s working for you? What’s not? Why? 


What do you need in your roadmap to success? 


How can we implement the plan as quickly and as efficiently as possible? 


How can we continue to increase your productivity and improve your security?

You’re in a startup. You’re trying to solve a big problem. Are you really trying to solve your IT problem at the same time you’re trying to save the world or change the universe? It’s a huge mistake. You should stop thinking about it. You should put it in the hands of professionals. You should sleep well at night knowing that everything is going to be taken care of while you solve the world’s problems.” 

– James Green, former CEO, Magnetic

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