Case Studies

How we smoothly scaled Magnetic’s IT systems and infrastructure as they grew from 20 to 350 employees across four locations.  

Founded in 2008, Magnetic was a privately-owned digital marketing, ad tech and audience targeting business. Their strong AI technology platform culled data from 350+ million live user profiles and combined it with inventory supply and bid opportunities to create high performing marketing campaigns. Magnetic was acquired in 2018 by Deloitte Digital. 

Their fast growth forced them to seek out more efficient ways for their team to communicate, collaborate and share documents remotely and securelyWe helped them migrate to a new software suite and scale their systems and infrastructure to avoid data loss and interruptions to their daily operations.  

How we did it:

Prior to their growth, they were using Microsoft file server on site that needed VPN connections to share dataThey needed a different software product that could accomplish two things. First, it would integrate with their main application’s development platform. Secondly, it would meet their communications, collaborations and knowledge sharing needs. The best contender at the time was Google Business Suites (GBS). They had run into difficulties with migrations before. So, we made sure all their data was backed up securely and that the changeover wouldn’t interrupt their day-to-day business. In addition, we trained everyone on how to use GBS in both PC and Mac environments and increased their cybersecurity to prevent IP theft and other threats  

Also, they needed teleconference option to connect all their workers across offices. There weren’t many easy, affordable options at the time. Luckily, however, Google had just released their Hangouts Hardware (a minicomputer that fit behind a TV with a camera and remote control). At the time, this was cutting edge and their best option. We installed all the necessary hardware and software in 20 of their NYC based offices to great success. Once everything was set up, their remote meetings ran smoothly, which helped them communicate and collaborate better 

Then, the company acquired MyBuys along with 150 more staff. Within two weeks, we helped them perform an emergency upgrade and migrate all the new staff from Microsoft to Google so they could participate in Hangouts and the calendar software program.  


They had peace of mind knowing they could continually grow and expand their company without the risk of losing valuable data or expensive business interruptions. They also benefitted from having the right capabilities to strengthen their remote communications and collaborations. 

How we helped take Oliver Scholar’s IT systems and services from failing to thriving. 

Oliver Scholars prepares and provides crucial support to high-achieving Black and Latinx 7th grade students from underserved New York City communities to succeed in higher education, realize their full potential and give back to the world.  

Their former IT provider failed to resolve their ongoing IT services disruptions, security risks and lacked knowledge of the nonprofit industry, which was costing them thousands of dollars every monthWe helped stabilize their systems, increase their compliance with security protocols and save them money.  

How we did it:

First of all, we fixed their network and email issues. Then, we switched their phone system to VoIPWe also put them on an advanced security plan to protect their students’ and donors’ private data. All of these changes helped stop their IT systems from constantly crashing and helped them run more reliablyefficiently and securely. 

After that, we worked with them to find the best cloud platform for their needs. We recommended Google Business Suites (GBS) since most of the staff were already using itWe migrated the company to the new GBS platform (Gmail, Google Drive, etc.) and trained the remaining staff on how to use GBS in a Mac environment 

In addition, we moved their data base to a cloud-based app, which saved them $3,000 month in Amazon hosting fees. Then, we reviewed and updated their software licenses to nonprofit status via, which saved them hundreds of additional dollars.  


They could serve students even more because of their dramatically improved IT systems capabilities. They were able to better protect their valuable and confidential data. Lastly, they saved thousands of dollars by switching to IT service and software options that offered nonprofits discounted pricing 

How we helped Terri & Sandy meet the stringent network and data security system requirements for a new mega global media client.  

Terri and Sandy is an independent, full-service advertising agency and woman-owned business based in NYC. They give their clients big agency expertise faster, smarter and more efficiently. Basically, they’re creative moguls. 

Their new global media client required a high level of compliance and written policies to protect their intellectual property. We helped them establish and maintain ongoing compliance. 

How we did it:

We created and implemented numerous networking and data security policies to help them achieve compliance. The required policies ranged from computer logoff and password to incident management to information security alignment to vulnerability management and many more.  

Then, we reconfigured their predominantly Mac computer environments to comply with all the new policies, i.e., enforcing encryption, setting screensaver lockouts and password expiration terms to name just a fewAlso, we instituted a PC level of compliance on all their Macs and using additional software, wgave them the ability to manage all their Macs as a grouprather than individually. 

Lastly, we set up an air gapped computer so they could securely transfer files and enforced a two-factor authentication password to gain access to their VPN. 


They were able to work with the global media client and can now quickly and easily adapt to comply with any changes made to the requirements going forward. 

How we helped d expósito & Partners take their IT systems from unstable to ultra reliable and protected.  

d expósito & Partners is an independent, integrated, multi-service, minority and woman owned advertising agency. They help today’s brands connect with technologically sophisticated multicultural audienceswhile leveraging the compelling opportunities represented by the diverse segments among U.S. Hispanics while increasing clients’ ROI. 

Unstable IT systems and infrastructure combined with limited support from their IT provider forced them to look for a different managed IT services partner. We helped stabilize, support and strengthen their IT  

How we did it:

We fixed their network to ensure it could handle the high RAM needs of their Adobe Creative Suites applications, which helped stabilize their systemsWe also tracked their multiple licenses and monitored the software renewals.  

In addition, we helped build out the technology systems and infrastructure in all the new offices in their building. We prepared the space for their staff, switched them to a VoIP phone system and helped them set up and use the cloud for part of their file sharing needs. We also trained the team on how to use the new hardware and software. 

Also, we set them up with a business continuity planWe provided them with on-site servers, so they always had access to their live data plus a duplicate backupThen, we created a third copy of their data, which is stored at our off-site data center. In the case of an adverse event, we can restore their data quickly.  


They have reliable, secure and strong IT systems and infrastructure, which has enabled them to scale up and down as needed. They feel comfortable learning to use new technologies, which increases their efficiency and security.  

How we helped Venture House build out their entire IT infrastructure at a second facility in 5 weeks.  

Venture House is a not-for-profit community based mental health agency. They help adults living with mental illness to achieve recovery through improved access to employment, education, recreation, affordable housing, meaningful relationships, and community engagement in an environment of mutual acceptance and empowerment.  

Expanding their geographical reach to serve more clients combined with a five-week city permit meant they had to get their entire IT infrastructure at their second location up and running asap.  


We were a part of the IT build out from the beginning so that we could walk them step by step through the entire process. We worked onsite to install all the new computers and a more sophisticated phone system.

During this time, we also help professionalize their operations by ensuring their network and phone system worked together quickly and seamlessly to make it easier for their clients to reach them. This included tracking and maintaining precise records of their IT infrastructure and making important updates as these systems “aged.” In addition, we helped them refine their remote services capabilities during COVID.


The network and phone system upgrades and improvements ensured that as many calls as possible were being answered “live” by the organization’s team. This first “live” connection increases the likelihood the client will return and engage in much needed services. Using technology to improve client access to the organization helped reduce one of the biggest barriers that adults living with mental illness face on a regular basis.

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