“Dega has improved the stability and reliability of our technology exponentially. Also, we’ve found that the comprehensiveness of their technology approach, relative to the cost, is unmatched in the industry.” 

– Dr. Danielle R. MossCEO, Oliver Scholars 

“The Tech Alignment Process and Manager (TAM) has been outstandingly useful for us. It provides a methodological and thorough look at our services and how they can be made more secure. It has dramatically improved our overall service. It’s also reduced our threat surface by implementing best practices, configurations and scheduling regular meeting updates to support findings and senior management.”

– Mark Poole, Great Bowery 

“The Dega Systems Team certainly is a partner! The level of accessibility and support is phenomenal and quite the comfort. We appreciate Dega and all of its support”.

– Ralph Ramirez, President & CEO, Townecraft Homewares

We rely on Dega’s personal technological competence. They provide us with regular, effective IT support that we can count on. 

– Jeanette Zelhofof Counsel, Mobilization for Justice 

“Dega’s customer service is just fantastic. Everyone is just a delight to work with. Whenever we call, we’re always met with a smile on the other side of the phone. This is a group you can trust. This is a group that’s going to have your best interests at heart. This is a group that’s going to be friendly and treat you with respect.

 Ross Guttler, CEO, The Open Center 

You’re in a startup. You’re trying to solve a big problem. Are you really trying to solve your IT problem at the same time you’re trying to save the world or change the universe? It’s a huge mistake. You should stop thinking about it. You should put it in the hands of professionals. You should sleep well at night knowing that everything is going to be taken care of while you solve the world’s problems.” 

 James Green, former CEO, Magnetic

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