Project Services

Sometimes, you just need additional help with larger IT projects. That’s where we come in. 
From cloud security and migrations to remote work transitions and transformations to VoIP, we can help you identify and address your larger tech needs. 

Cloud Security

Are you looking to protect your people, places and devices? 

Do you need a strategic plan to ensure business continuity when confronted by a catastrophic event?  

Cloud security is a multilayered approach whose role is to protect your networks, devices and applications to keep your data safe. 

Devices and Applications Protection


Spam Email

Computer Updates


Multi-factor Authentication


Security Protocols


Network Protection

Security Assessment & Awareness

Identity Management

Web Gateway Security

Cloud Migration

Are you looking to move your digital assets and operations to the cloud 

Are you searching for best line of business (LOB) applications management?  

Cloud migration moves all your digital assets including data, workloads, IT resources and applications from a local, on site data center to a cloudbased infrastructure. 

Services Includes: 

  • Permission and structure strategy 
  • Migration of the old legacy system to a new cloud-based one 
  • Set up and management of LOB applications 
  • Oversight of other applications such as Microsoft 365, G Suite for Business, Slack, etc.  

Remote Work Transitions and Transformations

Do you need a faster, more efficient and nimbler workplace for your remote team? 

Is your remote infrastructure and software able to meet all of your remote work needs?  

Whether you still need to transition or are looking to improving your current remote setup for greater productivity, security, speed and ease, we’ve got you covered. 

Services Includes: 

  • Set up of remote desktop services  
  • Configuration and supervision of VPN for remote access 
  • Management of all remote devices and inventory 
  • Installation and oversight of all applications  
  • Upgrade or rebuild of remote infrastructure as needed  

Incident & Breach Management

Are you seeking ways to reduce your risk while meeting compliance requirements?  

Are you interested in faster recovery times from a security breach? 

Incident and breach management helps you safeguard your critical systems and data from cyberattacks. Also, it creates a response plan to swiftly address any threats that arise 

Services Includes:  

  • Identification and assessment of your data risks and vulnerabilities 
  • Tools and processes for monitoring and reporting incidents and breaches 
  • Solutions to stop or minimize data and system threats 

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Looking to upgrade and streamline your phone services?  

VoIP converts your voice into data packets that are then quickly transmitted via high-speed internet. It’s ideal for remote work environments, produces high-quality sound and comes with advanced feature options.  

Services Include: 

  • All necessary phones and network switches  
  • Both local and long-distance services 

Are you ready for a stress-free approach to your technology?

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