Managed IT Services for Creative Agencies, Nonprofits and Tech Startups: How to help your team stay sane while working in the cloud

by | Mar 8, 2021

When technology breaks down, or even just slows down, it’s easy to have a meltdown. 

Most of us are used to having relatively quick internet access wherever we go, be it work, home, the gymthe coffee shop...It’s everywhere. 

However, for those working at home, maintaining quick and reliable access to cloud is essential in not only doing your job but in maintaining your sanity.  

According to technology company, Riverbed’s Future of Work Global Survey 2020:  

Technology issues are negatively impacting remote workers and their job performance. 

In their survey, business leaders reported these remote worker issues as negatively impacting their businesses: 

  • Increased technical difficulties  
  • Weaker employee performance and productivity  
  • Rising anxiety and stress  
  • More security risks 

Survey subjects interpreted the above issues as tied to these common remote work technology problems:  

  • Poor quality of video meetings  
  • Frequent disconnects from networks  
  • Slow file download and slow line-of-business application downloads  

AND, these are the three biggest barriers standing in the way of resolving the above tech issues:  

  • The need for technology to optimize or improve performance  
  • Unreliable home Wi-Fi  
  • The need for better visibility into network and application performance  

These types of issues are often crazy making and too difficult for remote workers to overcome without the aid of their employers.  

For most nonprofits, creative agencies and tech startups, trying to address these technology challenges without interrupting their team’s remote work, and their own work, often proves impossible.  

And it’s easy to get overwhelmed. That’s why it’s vital to have a robust, nimble  IT support or partner on deck at all times.  

Time is proving that proactive business leaders are  smart business leaders. Especially when it comes to investing in technology infrastructure and managed services that their remote teams rely on. 

Below is a list of some key areas that the Survey’s business leaders confessed to prioritizing over the next two years:  

  • Increasing the use of cloud services or SaaS apps  
  • Re-evaluating and/or re-architecting IT platforms  
  • Investing in IT security technology and software 
  • Updating company-wide remote workplace strategies and policies 

Again, the above list may seem overwhelming and difficult. But it doesn’t have to be. This is where a strong, internal IT department and/or outsourced IT provider can help by creating the following remote workers to abide by and depend on:  

  • Strategies  
  • Policies 
  • Standards 
  • Implementing the right software and tools  

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